About me

??????????????????My great grandfather came to North America in 1874 and landed in the Dakota Territories as a horseman for Governor Pennington since he had a particular knack for equine training.  He lived in the prairie, so like all pioneers,   he used the resources available to him in his everyday life.  This included using the native willow bush as basket weaving material for whatever containers were needed.  This skill was passed along to my grandfather, then to my father, and to me.  I took up learning the craft at age 12 and have not stopped learning since.  Willow shoots are great teachers of patience, strength, perseverance,  and flexibility.

2012-09-15 12.12.10I grow 14 species of willow for their variety of color and different growing styles.  Sometimes I think Great grandpa would have a good chuckle at the fact that basketry has become an art form.  He just made baskets for strictly utilitarian purposes.  Never in his wildest dreams would he think of basketry as folk art.

Weaving is good therapy.  There’s great satisfaction seeing my little willow sprouts grow into tall slender rods, harvesting them in the fall, and turning them into functional art.

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